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Fine Dining


Sometimes it is better to get lost in the path of a difficult journey than to never leave.

This is the story of a journey, a story of joy, a love story.

Love for life, love for the art of living, love for a wonderful world.

A story that comes from afar, and which is now finally at home.

In the center of Rome, the connection bridge with China


Elegance, this is what we want to convey from Oolong.

Obtained from a subterranean from the Roman era, our extraordinary room of the Sun rises.

As if it were a gate of time, from Oolong you enter the Imperial China of our ancestors …

Have a good trip !


About us

The essence of a personal story expressed in the elegance of a glass of wine. this is oolong

Carlo Dugo

International judge and Italian Ambassador for the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles for wine

Colours, flavours, elegance and mastery in a magical location.

Martina Prospero

Italian Chef

In the heart of Rome, this corner of excellent food and elegance is a gift.

Luisa Ranieri

Italian Actress

Oolong Fine dining,
Piazza S. Paolo alla Regola, 39